Sendō Clan

Sendō Clan
(仙道一族, Sendō Ichizoku)
Novel Naruto Jinraiden: The Day the Wolf Howled
Appears in Novel
Clan Data
  • Howling Wolf Village
Known Members
  • Jiryū Sendō

The Sendō Clan (仙道一族, Sendō Ichizoku) is a clan of the Howling Wolf Village led by Jiryū Sendō. Jiryū formed the clan after the village declared its neutrality from all conflicts. He gathered together many of the village’s former shinobi – left unemployed by the neutrality – and created a criminal gang that primarily dealt in saigenzai, a popular hallucinogen.

Because of their saigenzai’s poor quality, Jiryū wants to learn how to make the special Kotarō sold by the Kodon clan. He and his clan periodically harass Reishi and Kina Kodon to try and force them to turn over the secret to Kotarō.


  • Written as is, “Sendō” literally means “sage path”.

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