Serious an 11-year-old boy after being run over in Hortaleza

A child of 11 years he has been admitted in very serious condition at the Hospital de La Paz in Madrid after being run over in the Madrid district of Hortaleza. The events took place in the San Luis avenue, at the height of number 54, when a tourist ran over the minor, as sources have revealed to Europa Press.

Everything happened around 8:00 p.m.e when the boy was hit by a vehicle near a crosswalk, and had to be rushed to the hospital.

According to the first medical reports, the impact caused a severe head injury and this caused him to enter cardiorespiratory arrest. After a few resuscitation maneuvers, the paramedics managed to reverse the situation the boy’s serious illness and transferred him, once stable within his gravity, to the hospital.

After being intubated, the boy was taken to the hospital where for the moment they are still working to alleviate the damage that may have remained after the impact.

The agents of the Madrid National Police are already investigating what happened and the SAMUR-Madrid team of psychologists had to give support to the family members who were with the minor at the time of the accident.