several supports and a crucial absence

Jorge Javier Vazquez He said goodbye to VIP GH VIP ’last Thursday and his presence in the grand final is a mystery. The presenter must go through the operating room this Tuesday December 3 to solve a complication that arose as a result of the surgical intervention he faced last March, when he suffered an aneurysm that caused a stroke. And it is that one of the stents that had been put on him had suffered a slight slight narrowing of less than 15%, so it must be corrected.

Carlos Sobera and Jorge Javier / Gtres

The presenter is calm because he already said that he had this unexpected doctor: "It is an operation that I had scheduled for some time now, about a month and a half," he confessed. He has always been a whole person and does not falter when they come badly given. Just look at how calm he spoke on the phone just a few hours after being a stroke victim. As relay he will leave Jordi González (Thursday) and Carlos Sobera (Tuesday), people of your total trust and admiration.

Jorge Javier Vázquez enjoys complete tranquility because he has several iron supports. A livelihood that comes mostly from the flat major of ‘su’ Save me. In the last hours, Belén Esteban and Lydia Lozano have taken the opportunity to send messages of support and of love in this delicate moment. It also has the warmth of the audience. Some spectators who venerate him as Jorge Javier has found the formula to be one of the most beloved characters by the public, praised by millions of spectators who will surely notice his absence.

Mila Ximenez
Mila Ximénez collapses when she learns that Jorge Javier must go through the operating room and will not be at the gala on Thursday / Mediaset

However, the cross of the coin is represented by Mila Ximénez. The collaborator is going to be the great absence for Jorge Javier because he is competing in the house of Guadalix, looking for his place in the grand final. Upon learning that he will not be able to speak with his beloved presenter at this Thursday's gala, the Sevillian collapsed. He admits that he has collapsed upon hearing the news because "I entered GH VIP" to have a good time with Jorge "and that his absence will hurt him a lot: «It will seem odd not to see Jorge, not to talk to him. After all, I have entered here for him, for having fun together. If it is not, what is the point?, Mila complained.

Jorge said goodbye to everyone at the last gala without knowing for sure if he could be present at the end of this historic edition of ‘GH VIP’ that so many audience records are breaking. The withdrawal time will be marked by your recovery process. He is confident that he was there and when he announced that he would be operating, he said that “I wish I could arrive. In principle it doesn't have to be any problem. But some medical forecasts speak of a month and a half of discharge. The unknown will be resolved soon, but the only certain thing is that today the Catalan faces another important day very clothed.