Six Paths

Six Paths (六道, Rikudō) is a term used throughout the Naruto storyline. Its deeper meaning is currently unknown, but it is suggested to be connected to Yin–Yang Release. The term has been used in the following contexts:


  • Sage of Six Paths (六道仙人, Rikudō Sennin) — Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, the founder of ninshū.
    • Six Paths (六道, Rikudō) — The shortened form of this moniker.
  • Second Six Paths (二人目の六道, Futarime no Rikudō) — Obito Uchiha called himself this while impersonating Madara Uchiha.
  • Third Six Paths (三人目の六道, Sanninme no Rikudō) — Nagato, the third wielder of the Rinnegan, was called this by Obito.
  • God Sage of Six Paths (六道の神仙, Rikudō no Shinsen) — Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki is called this in the fourth databook.

Techniques and Weapons

  • Six Paths Senjutsu (六道仙術, Rikudō Senjutsu) — A special form of senjutsu. Users of this technique can also fly.
  • Six Paths Sage Mode (六道仙人モード, Rikudō Sennin Mōdo) — A heightened state of Sage Mode.
  • Six Paths Ten-Tails Coffin Seal (六道十尾柩印, Rikudō Jūbi Kyūin) — A sealing technique to seal the Ten-Tails into oneself.
  • Six Paths — Chibaku Tensei (六道 地爆天星, Rikudō — Chibaku Tensei) – A fūinjutsu that is used with the Six Paths Yin and Yang powers.
    • Six Paths Prison (六道の獄, Rikudō no Goku) – The moon that is created with this technique.
  • Six Paths: Kunitsukami (六道・国津守­, Rikudō: Kunitsukami) – Gigantic battle avatar created by Asura Ōtsutsuki.
  • Six Paths: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken (六道・超大玉螺旋手裏剣, Rikudō: Chōōdama Rasenshuriken) – The most powerful offensive technique of Naruto Uzumaki.
  • Six Paths Technique (六道の術, Rikudō no Jutsu) — The primary technique used with the Rinnegan.
  • Six Paths of Pain (ペイン六道, Pein Rikudō) — The use of the Six Paths Technique through a variety of corpses.
  • Six Paths Kinjutsu (六道の禁術, Rikudō no Kinjutsu) — Hashirama Senju used this term in relation to the Outer Path — Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique.
  • Six Paths Rod (六道の棒, Rikudō no Bō) — Naruto used this term referring to the staffs he formed out of the Truth-Seeking Balls.
  • Eye of Six Paths (六道の眼, Rikudō no Me) — Fukasaku and Shima used this term referring to Nagato’s Rinnegan.
  • Rinnegan of Six Paths (六道の輪廻眼, Rikudō no Rinnegan) — Kabuto Yakushi used this term referring to Nagato’s Rinnegan.
  • Six Paths Sacred Treasures (六道の神器, Rikudō no Jingi) — Another name for the Treasured Tools of the Sage of Six Paths.


  • Six Paths Chakra (六道のチャクラ, Rikudō no Chakura) — Hagoromo’s special chakra.
  • Six Paths Sage Chakra (六道の仙人チャクラ, Rikudō no Sennin Chakura) — This chakra is used by Naruto Uzumaki to form his Six Paths Rods.


  • Sage of Six Paths Power (六道仙人の力, Rikudō Sennin no Chikara) — Sasuke describes his Amenotejikara and Naruto’s Truth-Seeking Balls as blessings of this power.
  • Six Paths Power (六道の力, Rikudō no Chikara) — A special power that reinforces eye techniques and other ninjutsu.
  • Six Paths Yin Power (六道の陰の力, Rikudō no In no Chikara) and Six Paths Yang Power (六道の陽の力, Rikudō no Yō no Chikara) — Two special powers that can be used to seal entities like the Ten-Tails.

Other Instances

  • While talking to Tobi about the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation technique, Kabuto Yakushi uses the term Pain of Six Paths (六道ペイン達, Rikudō Pein-tachi) to refer to the six bodies Nagato used to fight Jiraiya.
  • After Naruto’s and Kurama’s fight on Genbu, the fox is sealed by Naruto’s Torii Seal and makes an allusion to the Six Paths, saying …this is…the Six Paths’…!? (…こりゃあ…六道の…!?, …koryaa… Rikudō no…!?).


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