Sniace announces its liquidation and leaves 417 employees on the air

Sniace Check the closure. The chemical industrial group management has notified its decision to the works council at an emergency meeting convened this Thursday at 7 pm. Sniace's liquidation leaves the airborne 417 employees from the Torrelavega plant (Cantabria).

After about 81 years of history Sniace (National Society of Industries and Applications of the Spanish Cellulose) has been unable to overcome the serious financial problems that it has been dragging on for years – with a bankruptcy and a capital increase in between – . The lace has been the cut of the remuneration for energy production Electricity that the Government will launch imminently. ”We took it for granted. It is the chronicle of a death announced, ”union sources say OK DAILY.

The chemical industrial group chaired by Gema Díaz Real still carries a debt of more than 20 million euros with its main creditors. To this we must add the ERTE (Temporary Employment Regulation File) that Sniace announced at the beginning of January for 229 workers and the problems to assume the salaries of their employees. As this newspaper advanced, Sniace owes the January payroll.

Quote suspension

The National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) decided on Wednesday to suspend on a precautionary basis and with immediate effects the price of Sniace's securities in the Continuous Market. The decision was made after knowing that Cogen Energía España He had canceled, five years earlier than planned, the rental and management contract for the cogeneration plant in Torrelavega (Cantabria).

Cogen decided to take the step back because of the tough regulatory adjustment that the Government will apply to the cogeneration industry imminently. Cogen and Sniace's contract ends on the last day of February.