Sofia: Juan Carlos from Spain and Harald from Norway: two kings for Sofia

How different would life have been from Princess Sofia of Greece having confirmed the rumors of his commitment to Harald of Norway. However, fate wanted the Scandinavian to fall madly in love with the commoner Sonia Haraldsen, setting a precedent for what are today the majority of the monarchies.

Although his path to the altar was not exactly a path of roses, Harald's insistence on his father, King Olaf, made it possible that today they are one of the most solid marriages in Gotha. A story with romantic novel dyes that has nothing to do with that of Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía who was caught through romance, more by chance than by choice.

King Harald and Queen Sonia of Norway in a file / Gtres image.

It was in 1959 in the Fredensborg Castle in Denmark where numerous princes and princesses of several royal houses took place for a dance organized by the Ingrid queens of Sweden and Federica from Greece. A date in which Doña Sofía would coincide with Harald of Norway with whom, according to rumors, she had to commit herself, like her brother Constantine with Princess Desiré of Sweden. Something that never happened.

A year later they coincided again when Dona Sofía's mother invited Harald to Corfu, but this meeting did not give the expected result either. And it is that Harald's heart had been occupied by Sonia for many years, whom he met when he was just a teenager, in a summer camp. In fact, they kept a secret romance for almost a decade. Shortly after Harald visited Corfu, Mrs. Sofía and Don Juan Carlos announced their engagement and married in Rome on May 14, 1962.

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia two weeks ago in Sanxenxo / GTRES
King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia in a file image / Gtres

Unlike what has happened in Spain, the life of Harald and Sonia has not had controversial episodes beyond those related to their children. In fact, while the marriage of Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía has always been under suspicion and the shadow of infidelity, Norwegians have never been involved in skirts.

However, now that Harald turns 83 it is impossible not to think about how Dona Sofía's life would have been if the rumors of commitment had been confirmed. A man fully in love and who has great similarities in terms of hobbies with him King Juan Carlos although his lifestyle is more similar to that of Doña Sofía, since, after all, they share more family ties.

Juan Carlos from Spain and Harald from Norway: two kings for Mrs. Sofia
Kings parents on the 80th birthday of Norwegians / Gtres

Interestingly, one of the most endearing images of the last days of Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía was in the celebration of Harald and Sonia's eighty birthday. An official party that surely King Juan Carlos would have also liked to have.