Spain beat Hungary and continues with a firm step in the World Cup (29-25)

The Warriors achieved their second victory in the World Cup in Japan after winning 29-25 to Hungary. In this way, Spain reaches the leadership of group C and approaches the Main Round, which also allows him to continue with the objective of qualifying for the next Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Before the strongest a priori rival of the group, those of Carlos Viver showed no signs of fatigue despite the wear and tear of the two games played in 24 hours; it's more, reinforced their aspirations in a tournament in which they want to take a place in the Pre-Olympic or, perhaps, with the only direct ticket to Tokyo that is awarded to the winner of the contest.

And, while the feelings of the Spanish team remain firm after the triumph of the debut against Romania (16-31), the main candidates show signs of weakness. In fact, France, current European and World champion, after losing in its premiere could not win either in its second duel against Jorge Dueñas' Brazil (19-19), and Holland also fell against Slovenia (26-32).

The bulging victory of the Magyars against Kazakhstan (39-15) at its premiere at the World Cup event, offered by the leadership of Group C, did not intimidate those of Carlos Viver, who reinforced the virtues exhibited on Saturday before the Romanian team to leave the exit with a 4-0 that tracks the crash.

From the goal, with Darly Zoqbi stopping five pitches, to attack, again commanded by the left-back Shandy Barbosa and the Galician central Alicia Fernández, the Spanish were superior in all facets of the game, and exceeded the equator and sent with a rent of six points (11-5) that allowed to maintain the necessary pause to find the best solutions.

And is that Spain touched perfection in that first half, with only eight turnovers and sporting a powerful percentage of 71% in attack; the 6 of 7 of Barbosa and the four goals of Alicia Fernández in five attempts showed the effectiveness to the rest (18-13). All that remained was to stay focused to tie the win in the second half.

In fact, in the resumption, Spain took advantage of its superiority, after the exclusion of a Hungarian player just before leaving to changing rooms, to increase the rent to 6. The magic reaction in a few minutes, which approached four goals, did not hesitate to the Spanish, which took off again after a great stop by Captain Silvia Navarro to an external launch.

However, the effectiveness was reduced in attack, and, although somewhat from Lara González to empty goal seemed to clear the doubts (25-18), the Hungarian managed to approach three goals. It had to be Nerea Pena who put a +4 back reinforced later by a stop by Silvia Navarro, with eight in the second half, to Kovacs and the fifth target of Alicia Fernández, and the triumph no longer escaped.

With the leadership of Group C in your pocket, the "Warriors" will rest the victory against the Magyars until Tuesday, when they face their third game of the preliminary round against Senegal (7.00 Spanish peninsular time).