Spain is consolidated as a global marijuana greenhouse with more than 25 tons seized in one year

In just five years Spain has established itself as the world greenhouse of the marijuana. With a growing consumer demand and an increase in criminal organizations, the fight against the trafficking of this narcotic has been strengthened: in just 14 months the National Police it has arrested 3,695 people and seized more than 25 tons.

It is one of the main results of the Operation Green, a pioneering device launched in February 2019 by the National Police, with the support of INTERPOL Y EUROPOL, to give an active response to the cultivation and trafficking of marijuana as well as the settlement in Spain of organized crime from other parts of Europe.

More than 2,000 specialized agents have participated in this operation that, in the last fourteen months and in different actions, has added the intervention of almost half a million marijuana plants, 800 plantations, 25.6 tons and more than 7.6 million euros, according to the General Directorate of the National Police this Saturday. Along with the bulky seizures, the Police have evaluated the economic damage that the fraud of electrical fluid entails when making illegal hookups. In total, and taking as a reference the cost of electricity for an intensive high-yield crop, it is estimated that the fraud has amounted to 6 million euros per quarter.

Rubén Jiménez, chief inspector of the Central Narcotics Brigade, explains to Efe the importance of the Green Operation launched at the beginning of 2019 after police coups against the cultivation of marijuana in countries such as the United Kingdom, Holland, France, Serbia, Italy and Portugal always led Spain as the starting point of the drug. «European criminal organizations buy marijuana in Spain to those who directly cultivate it, mainly Spanish, although there are already Chinese networks and networks of Polish and Kosovar Albanian citizens, ”explains Jiménez.

Thus, the dismantling of the marijuana plantation and production points in our country supposes the cutting of the first link in the chain of an international criminal phenomenon. The cultivation of marijuana in Spain is not new, but it has grown in recent years. If decades ago both hashish and marijuana arrived from Morocco, now the production is national, which saves organizations moving merchandise. Jimenez places in the province of Malaga one of the historical hot spots of foreign production due to its weather conditions that extend to other places in the south.