Spain loses 2,400 bars a year concentrated in towns and peripheral neighborhoods

Spain is a country of bars, but every time it seems to have less. The number of establishments in restoration in Spain falls continuously since 2010, according to official statistics. These figures tell us that for eight years they have closed 19,300 establishments, which means 2,400 every year.

This trend does not affect city centers but instead focuses on peripheral neighborhoods in urban areas and small towns.

The employer's Hospitality of Spain is the one that has provided and disclosed the data on Tuesday. Hospitality of Spain says that sales have also fallen 7% between 2010 and 2018, exceeding 36,000 million euros.

Emilio Gallego, general secretary of the employer's office, has said that he is especially falling at night and early in the morning, which has caused "many music bars and pubs to close."

"The night is suffering a lot. Before to meet people you went to a disco or pub and now it is done through applications"

"Now there are new moments of consumption, but the night is suffering a lot (…) Many establishments close because before to meet people you had to go to a disco or a pub, while now there are applications to have an appointment," he exemplified.

However, the total number of bars still accounts for almost 60% of the total number of hotel establishments (which also includes tourist accommodation), with more than 183,000 stores, reports Efe.

Thus, on average there is one bar for every 255 Spaniards, as can be seen from the statistics known today.

"There is a real restructuring of the sector, regardless of the Spanish economic situation. They close small establishments and open restaurants," said Gallego, who stressed that despite the decline this industry grows both in turnover and in employment and surface.

The general figures of the hospitality sector reflect significant differences by autonomous communities, and the employer has warned of the falls that are observed especially in rural areas with "demographic depression."

While the national turnover of the hospitality sector increased by 18% between 2010 and 2018, to 123.6 billion euros, in Ceuta it registered a decrease of 10.8%, in Asturias it fell 7.6% and both in Castilla y León as in Castilla-La Mancha fell more than 4%.

Complete the list of falls Melilla (1.9%), La Rioja (1.7%), Extremadura and Murcia (1.6% in both cases).

"What is happening is that in these communities they are closing companies. The ones that remain are just as clean as in other parts of the country, but establishments are disappearing in an accelerated manner. We tell the administration that we will have to do different things in each of them to get out of that situation, "he has claimed.