Sports in the United States stand against racism

American sport has said, “Enough.” A new case of police violence in which the young African American Jacob Blake, 29, was shot up to seven times in the back by a police officer in Wisconsin on Monday has sparked a series of protests that has led to the athletes of various disciplines to stand. The NBA runs the risk of being canceled, in the MLS several matches were suspended, in Cincinnati the tennis day has been postponed one day. Also in the MLB a match was suspended and there were protests before the matches in the WNBA.

The Milwaukke Bucks made the decision not to appear in their NBA playoff game against Orlando in protest of the latest cases of police violence against African Americans in the United States. This was followed by the cancellation of all the matches on Wednesday, but it could go a long way since this Thursday a meeting is expected between the owners of the different franchises and on the table is the possibility of a definitive cancellation of the playoffs in the NBA.

MLS, MLB and tennis join protests

But the world of basketball has not been the only one that has shown its rejection. In the MLS, Inter Miami and Atlanta United players decided not to play the match As a sign of rejection of the police repression experienced by African American citizens, they were joined by three other parties. In tennis, tennis player Naomi Osaka, Champion of the US Open in 2018, she announced that she would not contest the semifinal of the Cincinnati tournament on Thursday in protest of the death of Jacob Blake.

Before being an athlete I am a black woman. And, as a black woman, I feel that there are much more important issues that need immediate attention, rather than watching me play tennis, ”Osaka expressed via Twitter. Hours later, the tournament organization decided to postpone the competition for one day as a sign of support for the protest against racial inequality and violence.

In baseball, the Brewers and the Cincinnati Reds (MLB) decided to unite and not play the National League game at Miller Park, Milwaukee, as a sign of rejection of the Jacob Blake shooting.