Strange Transmission Distant Shadow

Through an application of Sakon’s kekkei genkai, Kabuto is able to use the techniques of anyone whose cells are integrated into his body, including even kekkei genkai and hiden techniques. Using Sakon’s Twin Demons Technique, he makes a clone of the person’s upper half form out of his own body, emerging from the base of the snake growing out of his torso. This clone is then able to perform any of the techniques used by its genetic source, all the while Kabuto himself is free to continue moving and fighting independently. Once generated, the clone is able to transform into others on the fly in order to access their techniques, and it can even use one person’s abilities in conjunction with another’s; for example, a clone of Tayuya is able to cast genjutsu using a bone flute created by a clone of Kimimaro. In theory, there are no techniques that Kabuto cannot use thanks to this ability.


  • The pronunciation of this technique is a corruption of the Japanese word dīenuē (ディーエヌエー, literally meaning: DNA), given kanji that somewhat match the pronunciation.
  • Despite using Sakon’s cells, the fourth databook does not classify this technique as kekkei genkai.


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