スムレ Sumure
Novel Kakashi Retsuden: The Sixth Hokage and the Failure Boy
Appears in Novel
Sex Male
  • Land of Redaku

Sumure (スムレ, Sumure) is a resident of Nagare Village in the Land of Redaku.

New Era

Kakashi Retsuden: The Sixth Hokage and the Failure Boy

Sumure acts out a legend of the Sixth Hokage with Nanara: Sumure plays the Hokage and Nanara plays Zabuza Momochi. Sumure does not fully understand how all of the Hokage’s jutsu are supposed to work, leading him to incorrectly try using Earth-Style Wall as an attack and then confusing kunai for ninken. Nanara, a personal fan of the Sixth Hokage, is appalled that Sumure would make such mistakes and switches roles with him, exasperating Sumure. After lunch, Sumure takes Nanara horseback riding through the nearby woods, but Sumure’s horse begins rampaging due to pollen allergies. Neither of them are able calm the horse, and they instead must be saved by Nanara’s newest tutor, Kakashi Hatake.

A few weeks later, Sumure helps the rest of the village harvest wheat, to be stored for use the following winter. While they work, they are all called together by Nanara (recently returned from the capital city), who tells them of the soldiers that will be stationed in the village for a few days. Although some of the adults don’t like that the village will be needing to feed the soldiers during their stay, Sumure is willing to harvest additional wheat in order to provide for the soldiers. When it turns out that there isn’t enough food to sustain both the soldiers and the village, Sumure joins the rest of the village in defying the soldiers. Nanara is taken hostage in the ensuing battle, and Sumure and the other villagers relinquish their makeshift weapons so that Nanara won’t be harmed; before they can be taken into custody, Nanara is able to free himself, so they take up arms again. The villagers ultimately prevail against the soldiers.

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