Suna Hospital

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The Suna Hospital (砂病院, Suna Byōin, literally meaning: Sand Hospital) is a large spherical building located in the middle of Sunagakure that bears the kanji for “doctor”. The building houses a small clinic, which is used to perform check ups and examine patients. The hospital houses a large operation room which serve to allow medical-nin to perform surgery on the critically injured. The medical-nin also have access to a large green room, which contains a number of medical herbs that would normally not be capable of growing in the hot, desert climate.


At some point in time, due to the Land of Wind’s daimyō cutting down Sunagakure’s military power, the Fourth Kazekage had Chiyo seal the Shukaku inside Gaara becoming Suna’s ultimate weapon. As a result of his actions, his wife, Karura, died in the hospital’s clinic from childbirth. Later on Kankurō would be taken to the clinic for treatment after failing to rescue Gaara who was captured by Akatsuki. Due to the complexity of Sasori’s poison, none of the medical-nin present could find a cure, until Sakura Haruno came to guide them in saving Kankurō.

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