Survivors 2020: Antonio Pavón, confirmed contestant

Habemus new contestant of Survivors: Antonio Pavón This apparently unknown proper name gains strength when we join it to another: Miriam Saavedra. Pavón landed in the television universe in 2016 when Carlos Lozano participated in ‘Big Brother VIP’. At that time, a Miriam Saavedra with a very low television profile, defended her love on set. However, in the absence of the presenter, Antonio Pavón ran as the "special friend" of the Peruvian. Rumors that never got confirmed, but they had enough entity for Carlos Lozano to place Pavón on his list of enemies to destroy.

Antonio Pavón visiting the set of ál Save Me ’/ Mediaset

But who is really this man who has spent hours in our television programs and now lands in Survivors? Antonio Pavón is a Malaga bullfighter In 2011 he decided to try his luck on the other side of the puddle. However, it seems that in Peru his profession occupied a second place – he played in second places full of female audiences – winning his career his love affairs, as well as his intense Personal life. That is why there is known as the ‘Jesulín‘ Peruvian.

There, in the Andean country he has participated in four realities and his sentimental relationships have occupied many magazine covers, as well as program ladders.

Antonio Pavón
Antonio Pavón visiting the set of ‘Saturday Deluxe’ / Mediaset

In our country he has not only starred in disagreements with Carlos Lozano. Its name also approaches the most important family sagas of the heart chronicle. Pavón comes from the Galán family. He is the nephew of José Galán, a well-known bullfighter of Fuengirola and that is why his family has a friendship with Isabel Pantoja Y Rocío Jurado. In fact, some images of Isa Pantoja with him in an affectionate attitude that later denied that the daughter of the tonadillera is a friend of the family of a lifetime.

Antonio Pavón
Antonio Pavón facing Aneth in ‘Saturday Deluxe’ / Mediaset

Pavón's skills are many and varied. He knows the conflict well and knows how to move before it. In Latin American programs, their presence is always synonymous with confrontation. Precisely one of the most famous had it with Aneth, one of Isa Pantoja's best friends. The bullfighter, after calling her ‘marginal India’, accused the Peruvian of having very private conversations of Isa Pantoja to blackmail her emotionally.

In fact, according to the bullfighter, he was the person who introduced Aneth to the Pantoja family. Finally, this message in which he seemed to tempt Isabel Pantoja's daughter came to light: "Isa has no choice but to be meek because as I tear her upside down", said the message of the Peruvian influencer.

Now, with their participation in Survivors, all the controversies will come to light again.