タギツヒメ Tagitsuhime
Anime Boruto Episode #75
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
  • Sara Matsumoto
Sex Female
Species Snake
  • Ryūchi Cave
Nature Type
  • Yin Release

Tagitsuhime (タギツヒメ, Tagitsuhime) is an inhabitant of the Ryūchi Cave.


Tagitsuhime appears to be more ruthless than her cohorts, as she attacks Boruto abruptly and without warning. However, like the other two, she shows respect to those who pass the three trials.


Although appearing to be one, Tagitsuhime is not a human. When disguised as one, she has fair skin and dark hair that is tied into a single bun on top of her head, which then transitions into a ponytail reaching her back. She wears a long, loose-fitting white and red robe as well as a longer red dress beneath that. She wears a golden tiara and a necklace with three red tomoe.


Upon biting her opponent, Tagitsuhime is capable of casting a genjutsu that causes her victim to see apparitions of their comrades speaking of the doubts and confusion within their heart. The genjutsu can be broken if one has enough conviction in themselves. She is also capable of levitation, eating another’s chakra, and achieving a snake-like form.

New Era

Mitsuki’s Disappearance Arc

As soon as Boruto had passed Ichikishimahime’s trial, Tagitsuhime flew from behind and bit Boruto’s neck, allowing her to cast her genjutsu on him, which caused images of his friends to come before Boruto and speak of all the harm and mistakes he has made recently. However, Boruto was able to overcome them, and after doing so, was greeted by Tagitsuhime, who took him to see his unconscious friends as well as the White Snake Sage. Tagitsuhime later watched Boruto and the others leave to find Garaga. She asked the Sage for making that promise, but the Sage doubted they would survive facing Garaga at all.

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