タゴリヒメ Tagorihime
Anime Boruto Episode #75
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
  • Natsumi Yamada
Sex Female
Species Snake
  • Ryūchi Cave
Nature Type
  • Yin Release

Tagorihime (タゴリヒメ, Tagorihime) is an inhabitant of the Ryūchi Cave.


Although initially presenting herself as a kind host, Tagorihime is, in fact, an individual who seeks to eat the chakra of those who wander into the Ryūchi Cave. However, she still shows respect towards those who may pass all the trials.


Although appearing to be one, Tagorihime is not a human. When posing as one, she has fair skin and dark hair that is tied into three buns, with one on the front of her head and two on the back. She wears a long, loose-fitting white robe that has green trimmings around the sleeves and neck area, with the neck area also having a green tomoe. She wears a golden tiara that has green ribbons hanging from either end.


Tagorihime is capable of casting a genjutsu that causes rotten, poisonous foods to take on the appearance of a delicious feast. She is also capable of levitation and eating another’s chakra.

New Era

Mitsuki’s Disappearance Arc

When Boruto and his friends arrived at Ryūchi Cave, Tagorihime and her comrades observed them from among some trees. Later on, she would be the first to put them through a trial, which involved casting a genjutsu over dangerous foods to make them appear as a feast in order to get them to eat it. However, due to slipping up and mentioning Mitsuki’s name despite none of the Konoha shinobi mentioning his name, Boruto saw through her trick. Although she was angry at being unable to eat their chakra, she still allowed the children to continue onward. Tagorihime later watched Boruto and the others leave to find Garaga.

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