Team 15

Team 15


(第15班 第十五班, Daijūgohan)
Anime Boruto Episode #38
Appears in Anime
Team Info
  • Hanabi Hyūga
  • Wasabi Izuno
  • Sumire Kakei
  • Tsubaki Kurogane
  • Namida Suzumeno
  • Konohagakure

Team 15 is a shinobi team from Konohagakure, led by Hanabi Hyūga, consisting of Sumire Kakei, Wasabi Izuno and Namida Suzumeno. In the anime, after Sumire resigned from Team 15 to join the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team, she was replaced by Tsubaki Kurogane, making Team 15 the first official shinobi team to include a samurai.

The team participated in the Chūnin Exams, and although they were able to pass the first phase, they were eliminated in the second phase, having had their flag stolen from Team Yurui.

Team 15 temporarily began having declining success rates in their missions after Tsubaki joined. Primarily due to the lack of teamwork between herself, Wasabi and Namida. This later changed when Tsubaki learned not to attempt completing missions with her strength alone.

Known Missions

Gather intel and locate the Byakuya Gang

  • Rank: Unknown
  • Status: Success

With the continued thefts performed by the Byakuya Gang throughout Konohagakure, Team 15 was assigned alongside the other genin teams to help stop the self-proclaimed noble thieves. However, the genin were not permitted to engage the Byakuya Gang without aid from a chūnin or higher-ranked shinobi.

Recapture escaped animals

  • Rank: Unknown
  • Status: Success

Team 15 was tasked to recapture the escaped animals from Fire Park.

Escort the antique art merchants

  • Rank: Unknown
  • Status: Success

Team 15 was tasked to guide the merchants as client and against Garakuta Gang to try stole a sacred documents and antique art pieces from their client.

Investigate the change of the birds in the Land of Rivers

  • Rank: Unknown
  • Status: Success

Team 15 was tasked to work with Team 7 under the temporarily leadership of Konohamaru Sarutobi to investigate the strange changes of the birds from the Land of Rivers.

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