Terelu Campos, against ‘Save me’ to defend her daughter Alejandra Rubio: “Kill me”

After the last afternoon of ‘Sálvame’, in which the program broadcast some audios in which Alejandra Rubio charged Anita Matamoros, everyone was waiting for the young woman’s reaction. Finally, it has been her mother,. Terelu Campos, who has broken his silence to defend your little one. The television collaborator has not hesitated show all your anger, especially with those who one day were his co-workers, the hardest with Alejandra. She has done it in ‘Viva la vida’, shortly before sitting in the program’s chair and accompanied by her daughter and her sister Carmen, her two great supporters.

“Take out all the heavy artillery but against me, kill me,” Terelu told his former teammates from ‘Save me’ / Telecinco

Beyond the unpleasantness of the situation, all this is reminding the daughter of María Teresa Campos of the experiences of a few months ago that caused her to leave space after her sister, Carmen Borrego, became the target. «She is my daughter and it hurts. Take out all the heavy artillery but against me, kill me».

“Shame, I would die of shame to get some audios of a girl under 16 crying, “Terelu continued, very angry. For her part, Alejandra herself has wanted to show her surprise that all this has come to light precisely at this moment. «I am amused. I don’t know what this is about, when I was a minor … If you can tell me that it was a rat. I am very calm although at first it surprised me », has recognized Emma García.

Terelu Campos
Terelu Campos prefers to be the center of criticism than her daughter / Telecinco

«I understand that it hurts her (referring to her mother) but I don’t want this to get bigger», She explained, calmer than her mother, trying to reduce the tension of the moment and showing great maturity. «Ana knows perfectly how I am. It was a tantrum»Alejandra has finished saying, dropping that things could be calmer between her and Kiko Matamoros’s daughter.

Carmen Borrego, which has also been on the lips of the collaborators of ‘Save me’ these days after starring in an interview in a well-known publication, it has not remained silent either. She, for her part, has shown all her support to her sister and her niece. “What is done to my family is done to me,” she declared, making it clear that they are still a pineapple despite the controversies that surround them and that they are tarnished in separating them and putting stones in their paths.