Teresa Rivera confirms Isabel Pantoja’s worst nightmare: “Paquirri wanted to separate”

Mediaset has used the same formula as a week ago. After the success of ‘Cantora: the poisoned inheritance’ comes the new installment that has as its protagonist Teresa Rivera, sister of Francisco Rivera Paquirri. Already during the last days he made a series of statements in which he did not leave Isabel Pantoja in a very good place. “I will never be able to forgive her”, confessed to the magazine ‘Vanitatis’ referring to the moment in which his father, Antonio Rivera died and Kiko rivera He could not say goodbye for not hurting the artist. This is undoubtedly a new setback for the interpreter of ‘Marinero de Luces’ who has lived through her most complicated week due to the reunion between her son, Francisco and Cayetano who were there this Wednesday with his uncle Riverita.

There have been weeks of rumors regarding the marriage between Isabel Pantoja and Paquirri and it has been Teresa Rivera who has shed some light by confessing what her brother really thought about his relationship with the artist who was classified as the ‘widow of Spain’. «My brother even told me that he was fed up. He wanted to separate from Isabel Pantoja when he returned from America. He told me that and I understood that he couldn’t take it anymore. He told a close friend of his », details Rivera.

Teresa Rivera protagonist of 'Cantora: the poisoned inheritance 2'. / Telecinco
Teresa Rivera protagonist of ‘Cantora: the poisoned inheritance 2’. / Telecinco

In addition, she has confessed that Isabel Pantoja did not want her to go to Cantora because she believed she was the owner of the farm. “I did not witness any fight, but they did argue,” continues the sister of the Barbate bullfighter. “My brother intended to divorce. He had total security. He was determined “, he explains Teresa Rivera Jorge Javier who does not believe what he is listening to. “He would be in love because that is why he married her, but something happened to say that his marriage was ending,” says Kiko Rivera’s aunt while saying: “I don’t really know what happened between them.”

Vicente Ruiz Soro very excited about his friend Paquirri./Telecinco
Vicente Ruiz Soro very excited about his friend Paquirri./Telecinco

This account is confirmed by Vicente Ruiz Soro, friend and colleague of Francisco Rivera Paquirri with whom he sharedHe had many moments during his bullfighting tour back in the eighties. «The teacher got married very much in love, but over time things got cold. I traveled with him, and spoke little but his gaze said it all ”, He ends up confessing very excited when he remembers the bullfighter. He also explained that when they had an accident that luckily nothing happened, Paquirri made his toughest confession to his partner: “Things are not going well for me. My life is a disaster ”, he told ‘El Soro’.

However, the most striking thing was what he said below, and it turns out that when the bullfighter lost his life in the Pozoblanco bullring, he had not spoken to Isabel Pantoja for about three days. Little by little more details about the past between Paquirri and Isabel Pantoja are coming to light, and the tonadillera continues to opt for the most absolute silence.