The author of the two shootings of Hanau (Germany) in which they have died nine people has been identified as Tobias Rathjen. Of German nationality and 43 years, researchers have confirmed that it has a profile far right and owns gun license. I practiced the hunting and belonged to a shooting club.

Hesse Interior Minister, Peter Beuth, has pointed out that this murder has "xenophobic clues", since the two attacks have been perpetrated against two local kebabs and water pipes, where foreigners usually attend, many of them Muslims.

In his home, which he shared with his 72-year-old mother – who has appeared dead – the police have found a video in which Tobias R., with a very fluent English, sends a "personal message to all Americans" to warn them that there are military facilities in the US that are underground in which minors are killed and mistreated and the devil is worshiped. Also, call the Americans to wake up and to exert resistance warn that the US is under the control of secret societies They can control the thoughts of others and want to establish a modern slavery system.

Monitored by hidden powers

Formed in Business Management and with banking experience, It has also been found in his home, as the German newspaper publishes Bild, a 27 page writing in which it is said that certain peoples, whose expulsion is not possible in Germany, "must be exterminated", especially of Turkish or Asian nationality. This document has several racist messages although there are no warnings to a possible attack on German territory.

The alleged killer spent many hours a day on the Internet and was convinced that I was being monitored by hidden powers since birth.

Found dead in his home

Tobias Rathjen He has been found dead in his home next to another body, which is allegedly his mother's.

The first attack occurred around 20.00 GMT at a local shisha (water pipe) in the center of the city, which left the first fatalities. It was followed by a second shooting with dead people in a similar establishment in Kesselstadt, another somewhat more remote neighborhood of Hanau. Lthe shots were made from a car, which then escaped.

Angela Merkel: "Racism is poison"

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has assured this Thursday that the "racism is poison" in response to the xenophobic motivation terrorist attack.

Merkel, in a brief appearance summoned urgently, said that with the current indications it seems that the attacker was guided by "ultra-right" motives and "racist," for "hatred against people of another origin, of another religion or of another appearance."