The 13th Congress What Really Matters is held this Wednesday in Madrid

The What Really Matters Foundation He presented this Monday the program of his 13th congress. As in previous editions, the next one will be held in Madrid December 4th at the IFEMA Municipal Palace, and the event will be governed by a new motto: ‘Those who are always’. The organization of this event seeks, with the motto, to honor all those people who are always there, who love us, who support us, who celebrate our logos and reach out to us when we fail. Also those who do not judge us and those people who, even if they go months without seeing them, we know they will always be there. Without forgetting those people who already crushed themselves but take care of us in some way. The motto will accompany the Foundation throughout its 2020 tour.

The Congress held in Madrid sold out 1,800 free tickets, which were made available to the public on the internet, in just 17 minutes so the capacity is complete. As presented, this Monday in Madrid, the Congress What Really Matters will be opened by Black Light Gospel Choir, which will fill the IFEMA Municipal Palace with energy.

Poster of the 13th Congress What Really Matters that takes place on December 4 at the IFEMA Municipal Palace in Madrid.

And, following in the wake of the previous congresses, several overcoming stories from the hand of its own protagonists. Thus, the first great story that attendees can learn will be Daniel Caberzachi This Spanish was born with a malformation in the legs but, despite this, he has managed to achieve his dream: to be the number 1 in national tennis, the 14th worldwide and one of the young promises of the Spanish Paralympic sport.

The second story of overcoming, and entrepreneurship, will come from the hand of Daniel Gomez. With only 16 years he founded Solben in Mexico (Technological Solutions in Bioenergy) and, today, is present in 24 states and several countries in Latin America.

A moment of the Congress What Really Matters was held in Bilbao in November. Photo: Facebook
A moment of the Congress What Really Matters was held in Bilbao in November. Photo: Facebook

And last but not least, it will tell your life experience Antonio Pampliega. This is a hard story, as Pampliega will tell part of his kidnapping by the terrorist group Al Qaeda when he was a war reporter. It is a story soaked in courage and that shows what really matters in this life and, many times, we do not value. Finally it has been announced that the singer Manuel Carrasco You will receive the prize # Something + Q1 Song

The Foundation What really matters carry more than 13 years infusing fundamental human values among young people in Spain, Latin America, Europe and recently also in the Arab world.