The 39.2% drop in home sales in April leaves it at 2014 levels

A 29.2% drop in home sales in April to 25,042 operations leads the property market to its lowest figure since April 2014, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE).

The health crisis is what has brought this drop down in the sale of homes, which already fell 18.6% in March.

Statistics recalls that, due to the declaration of the state of alarm due to the health crisis, daily attention to the public in the Property Registries was carried out in April exclusively by email or telephone, establishing essential services in the Property Registries. .

The College of Registrars is the primary source of this INE information and the institute has thanked you for your quick reaction.

In the current context, the INE has thanked the College of Property and Commercial Registrars of Spain (CORPME), the primary source of the data for this statistic, for the information effort it has made and which has made it possible to publish the data on April with a response rate of over 94%, similar to that of previous months.

The drop in home sales in April was a consequence of the decline in operations on used homes by 38.8%, to 20,603 transactions, and the 41.3% cut in the sale of new homes, to 4,439 operations.

90% of the homes transferred by merchanting in the fourth month of the year were free housing and 10%, protected.

The purchase and sale of free homes fell 38.8% in April in the interannual rate, reaching 22,537 transactions, while operations on protected homes fell 43%, with 2,505 transactions.

In monthly terms (April over March), home sales decreased by 28.1%, its biggest decline this month in at least five years.