The accounts of Spain to be seeded in the Eurocopa 2020 draw

Spain It is in his hand to be seeded in the draw for the Eurocup groups that will be held on November 30 of this month in Bucharest. For this, and after beating Malta in the Ramón de Carranza, the national team will have to win Romania in the last match of the group stage that will be played this Monday at the Metropolitan.

The accounts are simple. The heads of the series in the Eurocup draw will be the six best leaders of the 10 qualifying phase groups. And there, except surprise, everything indicates that it will be Spain and do not select like Portugal, Holland or Turkey and France, which depends on what Turkey does on the last day.

To make the series head accounts, it must be taken into account that the games played against the last group classified do not count. Therefore, and at this point in the qualifying phase, the six of Spain should not be added to Malta. So if he wins the last game against Romania, for this coefficient, he would end up adding 20 points (in reality he has 26 but the six must be subtracted against the colist).

So, if Spain beat Romania next Monday, it would end up with about 20 points that would practically make it a seed in the draw since there are four leaders who cannot reach this figure. Thus, Spain would have a more favorable picture in the next Eurocup, where it will be framed in group E (it would play against Ireland on a mandatory basis if it qualifies) and will play two of its matches in Bilbao and another in Dublin.