The aggressor who stabbed a man in Carabanchel who tried to defend a woman who was a victim of abuse was arrested

The National Police have arrested a man accused of mistreating a woman and attempted murder of another man, after stabbing him last night at the door of a bar in Carabanchel (Madrid). As explained by a spokeswoman for the Police Headquarters, the victim of the stabbing tried to defend one of the bar workers who had been the victim of abuse by the aggressor.

The events happened around at 2 in the morning of this past Monday when an employee of a bar in the Calle del Conde de Vistahermosa was leaving work. At that moment, the aggressor, the woman’s ex-husband, jumped on her with the intention of stabbing her.

A man who was in the area decided to help the victim, who was his friend, and started a scuffle with a knife. The victim was badly injured during this confrontation, and he was treated for various wounds all over his body. Specifically, she had wounds all over her body, especially in the thorax and abdomen.

The aggressor himself also suffered some minor injuries to his arms and legs. The police who responded to the call themselves found the attacker leaving the bar with a bloody leg after the fight, and it was arrested for mistreating his ex-partner, attempted murder and violation of the sentence order against the victim.