The alliance between Fundación Endesa and Fundación Integra has improved the training and employability of 640 people

The “Changing lives” program of the Endesa Foundation and the Integra Foundation has improved the training and employability of 640 people in social exclusion during the pandemic, through training and employment management actions, obtaining the signature of 487 new employment contracts.

In all of its five years of existence, the program has improved the employability of 1,419 people, providing 1,494 employment contracts, a number higher than the number of beneficiaries because, in certain cases, they signed several temporary contracts in succession.

The program, which began in Barcelona and has been gradually extended by both foundations to other territories (first, to Seville; then to Madrid; and this year, to Zaragoza), has far exceeded initial expectations thanks to the training actions carried out on a voluntary basis by Endesa professionals and delivered to the beneficiaries of the project.

Since 2016, the involvement of 143 volunteers Endesa has allowed 844 people of the 1,419 total have received training in pre-work skills through the program’s Strengthening Schools, as a previous step to obtaining a job. In addition, both these people and the rest of the beneficiaries have received guidance and support to improve their employability.

It should also be noted that all people who enter the program can continue indefinitely in it, if they so wish, to continue receiving guidance, support and training.

Strengthening the program in times of pandemic

In 2020, a year marked by confinement and pandemic, Cambiando Vidas has benefited 640 people in Barcelona, ​​Seville, Madrid and Zaragoza. These people have been trained by 54 Endesa volunteers, who have helped them achieve 487 jobs.

Despite the difficulties derived from the pandemic, especially during the weeks of confinement, the collaboration of the Endesa Foundation with the Integra Foundation has not only been maintained, but has also been adapted to the circumstances and has been strengthened to respond in this way to the even more pressing needs of groups in situations of extreme vulnerability, maintaining the training activity through the application of a virtual format in its Strengthening School.

In these five years of “Changing Lives”, the Endesa Foundation, together with the Integra Foundation, its expert partner in labor integration, has managed to join the efforts of 225 social entities and companies to provide employment through this program to those most in need.