The AMA Foundation announces 124 scholarships for postgraduate studies of health professionals

The AMA Foundation, chaired by Dr. Diego Murillo and made up of prestigious healthcare professionals, has opened the term of its XV national campaign of scholarships for health professionals, which in this edition will reach the 124 grants for all degrees that offer places for health specialization.

In this way, 50 scholarships will be assigned to subsidize the preparation courses for the medical resident exam of up to 3,000 euros; 20 for nurses up to 1,600 euros; 15 for pharmacists of 2,000 euros; 10 for psychologists of 1,000 euros, the same amount that the 18 scholarship recipients will receive for the preparation courses for the chemist, biologist and resident intern physicist exams.

The Foundation has also opened the term of the IX call for 11 veterinary scholarships, endowed with a maximum of 1,000 euros each, being used exclusively for teaching expenses given during the 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 academic years.

The Registration deadline for the two calls it ends on February 15, 2021; On February 18, a notary will choose, among all those registered in time, the awarded scholarship holders.

Participation in this call is free for all graduates / graduates in medicine, pharmacy, nursing, psychology, chemistry, biology and physics as well as veterinarians and final year students who plan to finish their studies prior to the date of the draw, having to fill in a form that has been enabled on the AMA Foundation website.

Since the first edition of this program, fifteen years ago, more than 1,000 scholarships have been awarded and nearly 27,000 applicants have submitted.