The autopsy confirms that the body found in Orense belongs to the missing Nerea Añel

Everything made the police and Civil Guard involved in the case think that the body found last Sunday in a small village in Orense belonged to Nerea Añel, a young woman who disappeared in the area last January. The 27-year-old she was last seen in the municipality of Barbadás, just 400 meters from where the body was found on Sunday.

The crime lab of the General Directorate of Madrid has been in charge of carrying out the autopsy and analyze the bone remains that were found in the area, confirming that they belong to Nerea Añel. It was a hikers couple The people who found Nerea’s body were taking the dog out of the area and notified the Civil Guard.

According to the investigation, the body was in an advanced state of decomposition, since it was very possibly in the area from the moment of his death. For the moment the authorities have not disclosed more about the information they have been able to obtain from the remains found, and now is when an exhaustive investigation will begin to find out what happened on the day of the disappearance and how the girl died.

The girl was missing from the past January 20. No one had heard from her since that day, and her relatives reported her missing. After a few days of searching, and several raids around the area looking for any clues that were not found. During all these months, sHis relatives have continued looking for Nerea without any positive results or clues that could shed light on his disappearance. However, have always asked for citizen collaboration to try to find his daughter alive.

Now it will be the police in charge of the case that will have to answer all the questions that loom about the disappearance and the appearance of the body in these circumstances. According to police reports, the searches were done in the area so they should have found something about Nerea beforeBut the body hasn’t turned up until now, so it might not have been in that area the whole time.

As recorded in the police reports, last February a detailed search of the area was carried out with National Police dogs in the vicinity of a closed motel in the Barbadás area, where nothing was found. Just in this area next to the motel, it was the last time the girl was seen alive, and It is located just 400 meters from where the body of Nerea Añel has appeared.

At the moment no more details are known about the line of investigation that the police are leading the case, although nothing in this regard is ruled out.