The best haircuts and colors that rejuvenate

It has always been said that getting a haircut rejuvenates a woman immediately And the truth is that sometimes it is enough to wear your hair a little shorter to notice how we have taken a few years off ourselves. Now that yes, not all haircuts rejuvenate us but we must take into account our features and also some colors or hair dyes that will also help us in our purpose to look younger.

Haircuts and colors that rejuvenate

We women know it well, going to the hairdresser is sometimes a bit like going to the psychologist, tell how we feel and leave the stylist with a different mind and a new vision of the world but above all of ourselves. And if our stylist is also good, the effects of the session are noticeable for a long time, giving us several points of self-esteem.

A nice haircut, a new hairstyle to feel a change, a new color that refreshes the look and covers the white hair, etc … these simple aesthetic cares can become a real medicine for our soul or our state of mind. But above all, the combination of these three things can even take a few years off us and make us look cooler.

In fact, there are haircuts and colors that rejuvenate the face, small non-invasive aesthetic remedies that give a more carefree appearance, without resorting to the scalpel. Let’s take a look at the best ones below to get a clearer idea of ​​which ones might suit us.

1. The medium cut: The medium cut of medium hair, both symmetrical and with bangs, has an advantage over the classic long or short cut. In the first case we will be able to achieve a modern look with sharp ends, in the second we can play with the hairstyle, giving movement to our hair thanks to the bangs that we can open, comb straight or sideways.

2. The bangs: In a haircut that is really rejuvenating, long bangs are a great ally. First because it covers the fine lines of expression that accumulate on the forehead, then because, as we have mentioned, we can comb it in always different ways, giving liveliness to the cut.

3. The pixie cut : If our face allows us to wear our hair super short, the asymmetrical pixie cut is another great option to rejuvenate the look. Also in this case, the hairstyle makes the difference, with hairstyles textured by the gel, which give modernity and freshness and will allow us to be able to change as well as hairstyle depending on each occasion.

4. Color with reflections: Regarding colors that will rejuvenate us, hair dye is an important weapon for our purpose, since it allows us to cover the first white gray hair. But if we want an even more youthful look, let’s avoid flat color, preferring a tone-on-tone reflective effect.

5. Strategic discoloration: Platinum color is in fashion nowadays, so if we want to dare, we can choose it for our look. But we can also simply bleach the tips and dye them in bright shades.