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The dream of the humblest teams is to be able to compete against Real Madrid, Barça Y Atleti and the reality is that each passing year seems to be closer to that moment. Last season on Alaves He stayed during the first round fighting with the best for quite some time. The problem came when it broke down and began to accumulate bad results to the point of having to fight not to descend.

That is the great danger of the illusion that generates fighting with those who have more budget. But there are reasons to believe that this season, with six teams in less than two points before the day 13 of this edition of La Liga, the Seville Y Real society and, with a little more luck and keeping up the great work he is doing, the Pomegranate.

But it is that at this point in the League even the 13th, the Valencia, is less than two games apart with the three co-leaders. Who can argue that every three points will be vital in all fields and that Valladolid, I raised, Athletic, Osasuna, Villarreal or GetafeFor example, will they not be able to dream about Europe?

Lowest score in the century

Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Real Sociedad arrive at this day tied at 22 points. Never, since the year 2000, no team had achieved such a low score by now. The closest was the Deportivo de la Coruña of the 2001/2002 which had 23 points on day 13. Remember that year evokes a league that ended with the Valencia champion with 75 points, the coruñeses seconds with 68, Real Madrid third with 66 and Barcelona fourth with 64. Incomparable to what has been experienced in the last decade especially.

Leo Messi and Barcelona lament after the defeat against Levante


After seeing national competitions that took Real Madrid or Barça with 100 or about 100 points, it is no madness to think that this year will not exceed that Valencia score. Those of Rafa Benitez They only lost five games. Barça today has already defeated three times.

The stars disappear

Those leagues in which the goals rained with Madrid and Barça always above 100 had two extraterrestrials as protagonists: Leo Messi Y Cristiano Ronaldo. The reality is that Barça has been without Argentina for more than a month this season and, on the other hand, after the Portuguese left Madrid scored 68 points; a score that would not give him to win that League that was talked about before.

Real Sociedad players celebrate a goal against Granada

Real Sociedad players celebrate a goal against Granada


If someone has managed to eclipse merengues and culés has been the Atlético de Madrid. The mattresses took La Liga 2013/2014 after making the best season in its history. The mattresses went to 90 points, something impossible for any humble team. With 11 warriors, Cholo Simeone He took the two greats of Spain off the map, although he had to fight until the last day winning in the Camp Nou to Barça. They have emerged since then as a new star, but irregularity has seized them this campaign.

Improvement or step back?

At this point, the question that exists is whether it is the merit of smaller teams or if the big ones have taken a step back in their models and it is an opportunity that can take advantage of templates that, above all, have very good coaches .

Atlético and Real Madrid tied in their duel at the Metropolitan

Atlético and Real Madrid tied in their duel at the Metropolitan


Specifically, the point of the technicians It is important because there is a change in trend in recent years with the Spanish. This season, there are 18 national coaches in the First Division after the changes in the benches. There is a great improvement in the level of the preparers that are leading their teams to have a clear idea and that each encounter is a new tactical battle difficult to overcome if you are not up to it.

It is also true that Real Madrid, Barça and Atlético, although they have signed and some players have left, are very recognizable times during the last seasons. And age goes through everyone. Perhaps that factor is also affecting the new sap of many templates.

What is unavoidable is to dream of prolonging that equality that is seen if the La Liga classification is looked at today. With 25 days ahead and two Classics To play, the First Division is considered as the most entertaining league in Europe. An improvement also for the product facing the outside, since equality also among the humblest invites to see any meeting. Is this the year that will break with the triumvirate that make up Barça, Madrid and Atlético?

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