the bookings of flats in national destinations exceed those of 2019

The restrictions on mobility imposed by governments to contain the spread of the coronavirus have been an important limitation for tourism. However, the private accommodation platform Airbnb has taken advantage of the limitations that exist to travel to other countries and has encouraged domestic travel, achieving that the reservations of flats in Spanish destinations have exceeded in the last two weeks those of the same dates from the previous year.

Traditionally, reservations for the summer months have been practically entirely to sun and beach destinations such as the Canary and Balearic areas. Although this year the trend shows again the interest of travelers to go to these types of destinations, they also appear among the favorites of platform users rural areas such as Huesca, Cáceres or Segovia.

On the other hand, from the Airbnb itself, an update has been carried out on the website that consumers use with the aim of not only improving the customer experience, but also highlighting trips and activities in local environments, trying to promote domestic demand given the current situation. Since last February, reservations within a radius of 300 km They have gone from representing 17% of the total, to 45% last May.

Reactivation of tourism

In the last two weeks, more nights were booked through Airbnb for a domestic trip in Spain than for the same period of the previous year. Last weekend (June 5-7), for the first time since February, a annual growth in the gross value of reserves, not including cancellations or alterations, for all reservations on the platform worldwide.

Although there is still uncertainty, data on Airbnb shows that etourism is beginning to revive, and a series of trends have been detected that will determine trips in the coming months. From the platform they have announced a series of collaborations with local tourism promotion organizations around the world, to support the promotion and operation of the tourism sector.

In a survey conducted by Airbnb in the United States, approximately half of the participants stated that, once the confinement is completely lifted, prefer to visit places less than a day’s drive from home.


In addition, the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors (Aedaf) and Airbnb have renewed their collaboration agreement to help the owners of tourist apartments to meet their tax obligations. The agreement, according to Aedaf, is especially important in a year like the current one in which the situation created by the coronavirus crisis means “Major difficulties” to carry out this type of management.

The president of Aedaf, Stella Raventós, indicated that one of the primary objectives of tax advisers is “Train and report” on each aspect of the tax system, bring this information closer to the taxpayer and provide the tools that allow compliance with tax obligations. “And the collaboration with Airbnb is part of our mission as an association,” he reiterated.

Every year the Airbnb platform sends a reminder to the hosts to inform them of their obligation to declare the income obtained by sharing their home through the platform, in addition to a summary of their income for the year, with the aim of facilitating this task for the customers of your service. In addition, Airbnb also has numerous help pages for tax hosts and fiscal responsibility.