The Breakdown of Negotiations…!!

The Breakdown of Negotiations…!!” (交渉決裂…!!, Kōshōketsuretsu…!!, Viz: Breakdown in Negotiations!!) is chapter 27 of the Boruto manga.


Hinata and Himawari throw away the broken flower vase, Hinata assuring Himawari that as her mother, what matters most to her are the feelings she put into make it for her. Boruto wakes up and has to go to the bathroom, and meets Kawaki along the way, who’s also going to the bathroom. Boruto says he should go first since it’s his house, but Kawaki is closer to the door and curses at him, telling him to wait. Boruto grabs him by the shirt, and they almost begin fighting, but from inside the bathroom, Naruto yells at them it’s occupied, and tells them to go behind the house. They do it, still trading insults, and begin to fight when they’re done, both eventually activating their Kāma. Kawaki feels like this is the only way Boruto will get what he says. Boruto says this is first and last time they’ll agree on something. From the bathroom, Naruto creates a shadow clone to stop them, complaining about it.

During a meal, Naruto tells Boruto he’s putting too much salt in his food. Boruto comments on how unusual it is for Naruto to stay home all day long, and denies being happy about it when Himawari teases him over it. Kawaki observes their family interactions. Boruto checks his toolbox before going out, and is approached by Kawaki. Boruto says they continue fighting later, and Kawaki asks how he got his Kāma. Boruto glosses over its appearance after defeating Momoshiki, and confirms he knows nothing about Jigen when Kawaki asks about him. He in turn asks Kawaki how he got his. Kawaki tells him how he was kept suspended as one of Amado’s experiments and other children in his position died while Jigen just kept trying to make them into vessels for his Kāma, unconcerned with the deaths because he didn’t have time or options, needing only of them for Kara. Kawaki remembers pain and being resigned to death when he lost consciousness, but survived and woke up with Kāma on his left hand. Naruto listens to his account from nearby. When Boruto comments he survived, Kawaki says he would have rather died instead of keeping on suffering. Kawaki wants to get rid of his Kāma so Kara will leave him alone, and speculates Boruto will also be targeted. He wants Boruto to cooperate with him in learning how to get rid of Kāma. Boruto considers it, but won’t excuse Kawaki for breaking Himawari’s vase, telling him to make it up for her before leaving. Naruto tells Kawaki not to bother about the vase, but Kawaki, despite finding it inconvenient, wants Boruto to cooperate with him. Naruto notes Kawaki doesn’t have money, and tells him not to steal, but Kawaki only tells him not to worry about him trying to escape again. Naruto tells Kawaki to follow him.

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