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The two main British parties, conservative and Labor, crossed this Sunday reproaches about responsibilities related to the attack that left two fatalities and three injured last Friday in London.

The alleged perpetrator of the attack, Usmar Khan, 28, had been released from prison after serving half of a 16-year sentence for planning jihadist attacks when he stabbed several people during a conference on prison rehabilitation organized by the University of Cambridge.

British prime minister, the conservative Boris johnson, blamed Labor governments prior to 2010 for having passed the prison laws that allow prisoners convicted of serious crimes go free "automatically" halfway through conviction and promised to tighten the legislation.

Johnson announced that the Government has stepped up vigilance over 74 convicted of terrorism that in recent years they have been released and advanced that their prison situation will be reviewed again.

The opposition leader, the Labor Jeremy Corbyn, on the other hand, argued that the austerity policies of the last decade and the privatization of a part of the prison system It has eroded the ability of the authorities to control that the requirements of probation are met.

Police reported Sunday that the woman who died in the attack on Friday is Saskia Jones, former student of the University of Cambridge, 23 years old. Also lost his life Jack merritt, 25, coordinator of the course on reintegration of the Institute of Criminology of that university to which Khan had been invited when he began his attack.

Of the three injured in the attack, one has been discharged, while two others remain in "stable condition," health authorities said.

Election campaign

The attack in London interrupted the election campaign for the general elections next 12th in the United Kingdom for more than a day. The main parties restarted this Sunday afternoon their campaign acts, which at the moment has happened to focus on the security related proposals, instead of in the brexit, which had dominated the debate so far.

At a rally in Yorkshire (northern England), Corbyn said that UK military interventions abroad have "exacerbated, rather than resolved," the problem of terrorism. "The terrorist threat cannot and should not be reduced to a matter of foreign policy. Even so, too often the actions of successive governments have thrown gasoline, and not reduced, that threat, "he said.

The foreign minister, the conservative Dominic RaabHe criticized Corbyn for saying that the terrorists "do not necessarily" must fully comply with his sentence, but depends on their individual circumstances. Conservatives, Raab said, want those convicted of serious crimes related to terrorism to comply full penalties At least 14 years old.

The liberal democrat Chuka UmunnaOn the other hand, he reproached Labor and Conservatives who have "tried to use a terrorist incident" to achieve electoral advantages.

Security measures

The attack last Friday has further increased surveillance in the streets of the British capital, which is preparing to host this week a summit of leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Johnson confirmed that he hopes to meet during that meeting with the president of the United States, Donald Trump, one of the meeting attendees.

Still with the security alert for the latest attack underway, the London Metropolitan Police warned on Twitter during the early Sunday of a "loud bang" in the northern part of the capital, after having received various notices for that reason.

Shortly after, the Police clarified that it was a "sonic explosion" caused by a British Air Force fighter flying over the city.

The Royal Air Force (RAF) reported that two fighter planes of the rapid response squad took off shortly after four in the morning to intercept an aircraft with which communication had been lost, which was later reestablished.