The case is reopened to make a statement to the crew of the ship in which Antonio Anglés escaped

The Alcàsser media case is reopened almost 30 years after the terrible crime. A court of Alzira, in Valencia, has issued an international rogatory commission to take a statement from the crew and the captain of the ‘City of Plymouth’, the ship in which in 1993 fled to Ireland as stowaway Antonio Anglés, alleged author of the triple crime.

According to sources from the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community, the Alzira court that instructed the case received a report from the Spanish Police following some ship crew statements in a television program, in which they indicated to the judge the need to question them again in relation to the escape of the stowaway.

In this case, where the search and capture requirement is still active Antonio Anglés, so that any evidence or clue that arises should be investigated, the judge issued in November issued a European investigation order for both the United Kingdom and Scotland to perform these interrogation proceedings to the crew member witnesses, statements that are already being practicing, according to the TSJCV.

According to the information published by the newspaper Las Provincias, the judge of Alzira has addressed the petition to the authorities of the United Kingdom because it is the place where Kenneth Farquharsib Stevens, the captain of the ship from which Angles managed to flee, currently resides. . This person was already interrogated by the Irish police in 1993 to try to discover how the leak could occur, although without clarification. The version of the facts of the captain was included in the summary, which was then instructed by another magistrate, but it was not considered necessary to expand it.

In an interview on the ‘Research Team’ program of La Sexta, the captain detailed that when on March 24, 1993 Police got on the ship, the fugitive was no longer inside. First he was put in a "cuartucho", then in an empty cabin locked and with people "nearby watching", but escaped in an inflatable boat that had to drop to the sea from seven meters high, the captain indicated in the interview .

A French plane located the stowaway in the boat, after a radio message, they put it back on board and put it back in the same cabin, in which they "stuck" windows and door with boards. "It was impossible for him to open the door from the inside," said the captain in that interview collected by Las Provincias. However, when the police arrived after docking in Dublin, he was gone. "Someone had to let him out and have relocated the wood. He could not escape from that cabin without help, ”said the captain.