The chaotic appearance in which he pointed to a “massive fraud” while sweating dye

Donald Trump’s lawyer has starred in a controversial and commented appearance to break down the “electoral fraud” denounced by the US president. Rudy Giuliani has made a fiery speech defending that the elections must be challenged because there has been a “massive fraud” at the national level to expel the tycoon from the White House.

All without tests and with an aspect that has been widely commented on social networks. While defending his postulates, Giuliani has not stopped sweating, causing the dye from his hair to drip down his ear mixed with sweat.

“What I am describing to you is a massive fraud,” Giuliani exclaimed during a press conference held on Capitol Hill, along with the rest of Trump’s legal team, which has not spared in various accusations and conspiracies, which included the presence of foreign communists and anti-fascists.

Giuliani has affirmed that there is a “pattern” at the national level that is repeated in several states, “which suggests that there was a plan, from a centralized place to carry out these various acts of fraud”, especially focused, he stressed, “in the big cities controlled by the Democrats “, which he has said” have a long history of corruption. “

I know the crimes, I can smell them. You don’t have to smell this one, I can try it on you 18 different ways. I can prove to you that Pennsylvania won by 300,000 votes. I can prove that Michigan won, probably by 50,000 votes, ”said Giuliani.

In a frenzied appearance in which sweat mixed with hair dye, the former mayor of New York has insisted, as Trump had already done, on pointing out those cities with important African-American population centers, such as Detroit, Atlanta, or Philadelphia, as the main centers in which this alleged fraud would have taken place.

“The only surprise I would have found in this is that Philadelphia had not cheated in these elections, because for the last 60 years they have cheated in almost all of them and the same could be said about Detroit,” he accused.

Trump’s personal lawyer has advanced legal actions to challenge the results in states such as Georgia, which hours later confirmed the victory of Joe Biden after the audit carried out, Arizona, and even New Mexico and Virginia, and has promised to be in possession of « Hundreds ”of affidavits that would support these accusations, but cannot release them at the moment.

In that sense, another of the Trump legal team present during Giuliani’s furious intervention has also expressed himself. The legal advisor of the US president’s campaign, Jenna Ellis, has criticized the “impatience” of the media and explained that the evidence will be presented in court.

“This is not an episode of ‘Law and Order’, where everything is resolved in 60 minutes,” he said referring to the popular and long-lived television series.

Another of Trump’s lawyers, Sidney Powell, has followed this conspiracy line, in which “dictators” and “corporations” would be behind this plot. “They are all against us,” he cried, so he is surprised that the media are not “astonished.”

Giuliani’s intervention before the media has not gone unnoticed on the American political board, even being described as the “most dangerous press conference in the United States.”

“That press conference, one hour and 45 minutes on television, was the most dangerous in the history of the United States. And possibly the craziest, “said Chris Krebs, one of the main officials of the Department of Justice, fired this week through Twitter by President Trump.

Krebs, who served as head of the Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Agency, was fired in a withering way after disproving theories that electoral fraud had occurred during the presidential elections.

“Chris Krebs’ recent statements on the security of the 2020 elections were very inaccurate, as there was fraud and massive irregularities, including the votes of people who had died,” Trump said on Twitter to justify the dismissal.

On the Democratic side, Joe Biden’s campaign team spokesman, Michael Gwin, has called the press conference “yet another Rudy Giuliani spectacle,” whose claims have been “absurd” and “completely discredited.”

“Numerous courts, electoral officials of both parties and even officials within the Trump Administration itself, have reaffirmed that the accusations of widespread electoral fraud are categorically false,” Gwin has pointed out, reports CNBC.

“No matter how hard Trump and Giuliani try, they cannot override the will of the American people, who roundly elected Joe Biden to be the next president of the United States,” he closed.