the Civil Guard looks for places where the quacker could bury the body

The Civil Guard still no clues about the whereabouts of Marta Calvo two months after the young woman came to his appointment with Jorge Palma, Your quacker confessed. Investigators suspect that the detainee was able to bury his body in some remote and hard-to-reach area.

Marta Calvo seems to have vanished from the face of the earth. After almost sixty days of searching, the supposed bags in which Palma introduced the remains of the young woman and then deposited in containers still do not appear. The Civil Guard has already reviewed the Dos Aguas dump several times, where the waste in the area goes, but they have not found a single vestige. «Marta is not in Dos Aguas », explain research sources to OKDIARIO.

Without a body, they warn, there is no crime. Palma's confession, of which not a millimeter has been retracted, would only allow him to be accused of a fault against article 526 of the Criminal Code. A desecration of corpse punished with a prison sentence between three and five months elucidable with a penalty fee. Therefore, the highest priority of the Civil Guard is to find the body and determine if there are signs of violence before death.

Research sources say that search efforts will focus on the future in remote areas of the province, hard to reach natural areas where the suspect could have taken Marta Calvo's already diseased body and buried him thoroughly. They think that in the two weeks that remained missing He had plenty of time to do it.

A key in the search is the analysis of the geolocation of their phones mobile phones The information extracted by the Civil Guard allowed to search for clues in the areas through which Palma circulated during the days after the death of Marta Calvo.

However, the routes are not complete and show «black holes ». That is, there are periods of time in which the location of their devices have not been registered or in which the Colombian could have moved without carrying your mobile phone.

According to police sources, there is an area where investigators think on a recurring basis. It is the municipal natural site La Murta and Casella, very close to Manuel (where Jorge Palma lived). An area of ​​complicated orography, with many places where a group of bags could be hidden without difficulty, buried or thrown into one of the wells in the area. Most wells, explain these sources, have already been reviewed, so the effort has been made would focus on areas of solid ground.