The Civil Guard suspects that the kamikaze was driving with his cell phone

Kevin Cui, the Spanish kamikaze of Chinese origin that caused the death of the young neighbor of Rivas on September 15 was manipulating his mobile phone moments before crashing head-on with the victim's car. It is what the Civil Guard has found out that they also suspect that the alleged murderer was recording on video their illegal maneuvers on the Madrid highway.

Investigators have found out for the moment that the kamikaze was manipulating the phone just the moment he turned around in the middle of the M50 to head in the opposite direction at full speed. Before, as OKDIARIO advanced, it advanced several witnesses at full speed. Then he stopped on the side of the road, turned around, and turned in the opposite direction where he had been occupying the central lane of the m50 and dazzling several drivers who could avoid him. The last, Victor Lopez, failed to elude the Kamikaze and died in the brutal shock.

Precisely today, at the Provincial Court, the request for release made by the lawyer of the alleged murderer was discussed. Kevin's defense insists on its roots in Spain, known address and work. Also in that the situation of provisional imprisonment in which he finds himself is excessive for the five-year sentence that he could fall for reckless homicide. Just the opposite that defends Victor's family.

The lawyer Barbara Royo maintains that Kevin committed a wrongful killing, in addition to driving over the legal limits after drinking alcohol, which would be a penalty much closer to 10 years in jail that could push the Kamikaze to escape. In addition, Victor's family recalls that the Kamikaze gave three different homes to the Civil Guard and that the young man works for a company owned by his father, reasons why he would not meet the requirements for his provisional release until trial.