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The Colombian Minister of Defense, Guillermo Botero, presented his resignation on Wednesday after revealing the eve he hid from the country a military bombing against FARC dissidents in which at least eight minors died.

"Today, in a meeting with the President of the Republic to analyze the current political situation, it was agreed that the most convenient thing was to present a resignation to the position of Minister of National Defense," Botero said in an official statement from his office.

Botero's resignation comes one day after a debate in the Senate was made for a motion of censure against him for the failures of his security and defense policy.

During the parliamentary debate, Senator Roy Barreras, of the U party that was fundamental support of former President Juan Manuel Santos, revealed that in a bombing at the beginning of last September against a camp of dissidents in the department of Caquetá, seven children died age, including a twelve year old girl.

The Prosecutor’s Office raised this Wednesday to eight the number of children killed in the operation, a fact that the authorities had not disclosed despite the fact that after the operation they reported about the death toll.

After the tsunami unleashed by the dissemination of the information, Botero met with President Iván Duque to whom he presented his resignation considering that it is his "duty as defense minister to have an adequate reading of the political situation."

However, in his letter he does not mention the case revealed by Barreras and confirmed by the Prosecutor's Office and states that "Colombia's enemy is drug trafficking".

"More coca is less peace, more coca is less life, more coca is less forest, more coca is less youth, more coca is less work, more coca is less company, more coca is less democracy," he says in the letter he has public fact and in which there is no reference to the controversial bombing.

However, he congratulates himself on the fact that "for the first time, in more than a five-year period, the growth trend was reduced."

Following the debate, the Senate board of directors had cited for the Wednesday 13 to a new session in which the motion of censure to Botero would be voted, supported by the majority of legislators.

Just a few minutes after Botero made his resignation public, Duque announced through his Twitter account that he has interimly appointed in his post to General Luis Fernando Navarro, current commander of the Military Forces.

"Our commitment is to continue ensuring the safety of Colombians and combat any criminal activity," he said.

In addition Duque thanked Botero "his commitment, sacrifice and leadership in the sector."