The Court opens trial of iDental after verifying its "fraudulent strategy" and negligence with its clients

The judge of the National Court José de la Mata he has closed the instruction of the iDental case and proposes to judge 35 people for the alleged scams of their clinics, and also to another series of mercantile for crimes of continued fraud, misappropriation, document falsification, fraudulent administration, raising of assets, money laundering and criminal organization.

According to De la Mata in his brief for a short procedure, it is pointed out how the organization sought Bankia financing "to invest in companies and enrich themselves with loans obtained to the detriment of the investor."

This would be its main operative and the second, to offer services that it was not able to satisfy.

The magistrate affirms that we are facing two different criminal organizations, which have developed different criminal activities, and that coincided (which leads to the procedural connection in this procedure), in the transmission of the iDental group, which was sold by the former (Antonio García Pellicer and Vicente Castañer), to the latter (Luis Sans, José María Garrido López and Juan Garrido López).

The first organization is made up of Antonio Javier García Pellicer, Vicente Castañer, Sandra Berenguer, Enrique Gumiel del Vado and Elena Llaneza Caruana. The second organization is led by Luis Sans and the Garrido brothers and is additionally composed of other people at different levels and responsibilities.

A "fraudulent" strategy

The order says that the "fraudulent" strategy was to offer sophisticated and high-quality dental services to clients with full knowledge of the group's inability to provide the compromised services and with "total disregard for oral health and the state of its users", making them believe that the very high cost of services was covered by subsidies or official aid.

As the judge says, once the client was captured "he was pressed very aggressively to make him sign the budgets and the correlative consumer credits, also obviating the economic-financial solvency requirements established by the credit companies. All this to obtain the one-time payment of the full amount of the credit by the financial institution, "which Bankia paid them.

The objective therefore was to enter the maximum of the bank.

When the iDental group was acquired by Luis Sans, Jose María Garrido and Juan Garrido continued with the same practices, says De la Mata, who says they knew they were not going to complete the treatments despite which they continued with their recruitment strategies. In fact, the judge of the National Court notes that there was only financing to continue the activity of the company until June 2018. The company was intervened in May.