The CSD will decide when the public returns to the football stadiums

The Higher Sports Council will be in charge of deciding when the public can return to the stadiums of Spanish football. The Council of Ministers has approved a Royal Decree declaring that the CSD will be the body with the necessary powers for the return of football to the public once the state of alarm has ended.

The return of the public to football stadiums will never take place before next June 21, date on which the state of alarm imposed by the Sánchez Government ends. As of that date, and after consulting the Autonomous Communities, Ministry of Health and organization of the competition, it could be allowed to have public until completing a capacity of 30% in the stadiums of First and Second division.

Article number 15 of the Royal Decree approved this Tuesday, June 9, includes this decision of the body chaired by Pedro Sánchez. OKDIARIO already reported that the Higher Sports Council was open to negotiate the possibility that there would be fans in the stadiums this season when all the Autonomous Communities were in Phase 3 of the de-escalation.

According to the draft of the Royal Decree to which the COPE chain had access in article 15 that pertains to ‘Facilities for sports activities and competitions ’ relates the following:

  1. The competent administrations must ensure compliance for the owners of the facilities in which activities and sports competitions are carried out, for individual or collective practice, of the gauging, disinfection, prevention and conditioning regulations of those that they establish.

In any case, it must be ensured that the necessary measures are taken to guarantee a minimum interpersonal distance of 1.5 meters, as well as due control to avoid crowds. When it is not possible to maintain said safety distance, adequate hygiene measures will be observed to prevent the risks of contagion.

2. In the case of the Professional Football League and the ACB Basketball League, the competent administration for the application of the provisions of the previous section will be the Higher Sports Council, after consulting the organization of the competition, the Ministry of Health and Autonomous Communities. The decisions adopted by said body will address, as a priority, the health circumstances as well as the need to protect both athletes and citizens attending sports activities and competitions.