The 'dart' of Alba Carrillo and his "friends" Noemí Salazar and Irene Junquera to the former contestants in 'The time of the discount'

In addition to Mila Ximénez, Alba Carrillo, Noemí Salazar and Irene Junquera have been the only contestants of ‘GH VIP’ who have said no to ‘The time of the discount’. Feliciano López's ex did not want to be part of the new Telecinco space despite having remained as a second finalist and being the protagonist of some of the most striking controversies of the edition. However, Alba Carrillo has decided to make a better plan.

The collaborator of ‘It's already noon’ wanted to do his own reunion outside the walls of the house of Guadalix. Alba Carrillo along with Noemí and Irene Junquera have gathered to enjoy a meal in good company in the capital. This has been made public Carrilo who has published a snapshot of the moment with a revealing phrase: "With the great luck of knowing that we were not confused because we always knew we would be friends". Together with some hashtags where they warn of the lack of Estela and El Cejas, the ex-contestants make it clear that they have managed to keep their friendship once the contest is over. But is it a poisoned message addressed to some of his former companions?

For his part, Noemí Salazar has not hesitated to answer the publication: “You are the best I get. I love you so much. ” In Irene's case, the journalist responded with a laconic ‘I adore you’.

Alba outside but her spirit inside

In spite of Alba Carrillo's refusal to enter El Tiempo del Discount ’, his spirit continues in many of the house conversations that unite as the protagonist of them. It is especially Adara who is most talking about her criticizing her attitude by saying that "The Preysler is created".

Miguel Ángel Nicolás in ‘It's already noon’ / Telecinco

On the other hand, Carrillo is not going to collaborate on his program ‘It is already noon’ and this Tuesday his partner and friend Miguel Ángel Nicolás has given the answer: “Alba needs to breathe a little. The day she came here, before New Year's Eve, it was too early, because she still had her head inside GH VIP's house. ”. Precisely that day was when Alba had a monumental anger with Miguel Frigenti.