The debris removal of the damaged building on Toledo Street begins and they return to their neighboring houses in an affected block

The debris from the roof of the building that exploded this Wednesday at number 98 of the street Toledo gate It started this afternoon and the residents of block 106 have already returned to their homes after reviewing the state of their homes.

As they have explained to Europa Press sources of the Madrid City Council, this roof was “full of rubble and debris,” so itit is necessary to remove the weight for «risk of collapse».

Thus, it has been done by means of two cranes, in one of them the operators climbed in a basket and they were removing rubble that they deposited in the other. Tomorrow they will continue with these tasks, after the technicians leave as they cannot work at night, until we can reach the forged. In addition, the roof of the residence has also been cleared.

For their part, agents of the Air Media of the National Police have been this Thursday from the early hours in the area of ​​the building that exploded yesterday on Toledo Street in Madrid using small drones to film the state of the most affected plants.

The objective is to know if the building can be accessed safely and when they can, the agents will carry out a hidden inspection after a few days.

The images will serve as support to the Scientific Police to gather evidence to determine the causes of the deflagration. A report has been opened in this regard, and the agents have already taken statements from some witnesses, held by the Centro police station, police sources have indicated to Europa Press.

Fixing a radiator in the basement

On the other hand, today it was known that the electrician who died in the explosion yesterday Wednesday in Toledo Street in Madrid was fixing a radiator located in the basement, where the boiler was also, has indicated one of the priests who lives in that property and that he has already given a statement to the Police, they have informed EP official sources.

The investigation is carried out by the Judicial Group of the Central National Police station, which has already questioned ten people. As this religious explained to the agents, they had run out of heating for days and could not hold a meeting due to the cold weather.

So they contacted David, the lay friend of the congregation to check what was happening. Possibly as a result of the frosts of the last week, the boiler would have broken down and gas would start to flow. Be that as it may, the first explosion occurred in the boiler and then a larger one higher up, which would correspond to natural gas that would have leaked to other parts of the building.

According to regional sources, the boiler had passed the corresponding revision by the Naturgy subcontractor installation company in January 2020, so it was in order to consider revisions, since they have to be done every three years.