The definitive hairstyle this fall is the actress’s straight XXL mane

Ester Exposito is one of the most imitated influencers. Her style stands out for an elegant simplicity, in the purest old Hollywood style we have seen her arrive at the Venice festival. Not only her dress has been the focus of all eyes, her hairstyle has also won the applause of the public. XXL hair can be the hairstyle this fall for several reasons, not only does it always look good, but it is easier to take care of than it seems. If you want to sign up for the definitive look this season, take note of the fall hairstyle, the smooth XXL mane of Ester Exposito.

From Kim Kardashian to Ester Exposito: Story of the XXL straight hair

Naomi Campbell was the first supermodel in wearing this type of hairstyle. That smart mane inspired an entire generation. It was the 90s and total care and basic lines were sought in the universe of hairstyles. The oriental style and the extra smooth of the hair ended up imposing, since that decade it has not stopped appearing.

Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Anniston they bet on the plain during the entrance to the XXI century. At the beginning of the millennium these types of hairstyles were the most recurrent. Easy to achieve with an iron and a suitable shampoo, it was a way to highlight the features and to opt for a simple hairstyle.

The parting in the middle and without bangs, this is the definitive hairstyle of Ester Exposito

The middle part is a trend. It lengthens the face and offers an optical effect to see a more desirable symmetry. With or without crown we must bear in mind that the middle part will help to avoid large cheeks or refine round faces, although otherwise it can cause more marked features.

Frizz is the worst enemy. Ester Exposito has opted for this mane, in autumn it is easier to get a better finish, but we are not exempt from the use of good products to achieve it. Time helps, but a suitable cream and conditioner can be the keys to the success of our XXL hair.

A proper iron is the ultimate trick. Knowing how to use the iron is important to maintain the look of Ester Exposito. It is essential to give the hair the perfect finish, otherwise we will not get, especially in autumn, the extra smooth that is so fashionable. Always using a suitable hair protector.

Conditioner and masks will help maintain this hairstyle. so easy to get. The reality is that the parting in the middle and the ready hair will get along much better with some good capital products. The conditioner, especially if we use the iron almost every day or the repair mask will help us achieve the perfect finish.

You can always resort to a professional straightening. If we have curls and we want to eliminate them for a while, a Brazilian straightening can be the main key to getting the most similar hair possible to Ester Exposito. We can also resort to a natural treatment or remedy, such as a straightening with milk, there are several possibilities to wear the autumn hairstyle.