the demands of the singer to go to ‘Go Back to See’

Isabel Pantoja finally sits next to Carlos Sobera in the program 'To see you again'. The negotiations come from afar and, although at first the singer's refusal was resounding, this Friday night the artist will star in the surprise of prime time space -the strip of maximum audience- that Sobera conducts on Cuatro TV. Pantoja did not like how he treated Baracaldo during his time on the island, when he participated in the latest edition of ‘Survivors’, so he decided to discard it as a television option. The magic formula that has made him change his mind combines a high cache and that the presenter take a step to tear down the veto of the singer.

Isabel Pantoja announced that she wanted to leave ‘Survivor’ and Carlos Sobera answered him on behalf of the program / Gtres

At the end of last October, Isabel Pantoja finished the first phase of recordings of 'Idol Kids', the children's talent program that will be broadcast shortly on Tele 5. The artist, who rose as the absolute protagonist of the last edition of' Survivors '-the most seen in the history of reality in Spain- contemplated participating in some other program to fulfill the agreement he reached with the chain on his return to television last April, but no project satisfied him: neither the bells, nor a talk show, nor Bertin's house and less Sobera space. The presenter questioned his reaction during reality and she didn't like that at all. It was the night Pantoja was announcing live that he wanted to leave abandonar Survivors ’:“ I asked Captain Morgan to let me go. I need to be with mine, my participation here has stopped making sense. The contestants that are there are worth a lot more and I need to be in my house. I don't want to lose another day without being with my mother. They deserve to be here and I don't, ”explained a tearful Isabel.

Carlos Sobera
Carlos Sobera on the set of ‘Survivors’ / Gtres

Sobera replied on behalf of the program, according to sources close to the production of the space: “I am going to speak to you on behalf of Captain Morgan, that we are friends. When someone who gives you their support is disappointed then you can take it to recover it. Leaving has consequences, ”he added:“ There have been people who have already abandoned and violated the pact of being in ‘Survivors’ and the consequences have not been good, even at a professional level. I don't want to threaten you, I speak to you from love. I ask you to reflect and think about it. ” The rebuke bothered Pantoja a lot, as Look has learned. When he finished recording 'Idol Kids' he headed to Cantora to spend a quiet Christmas with his mother and rest from November to March, month in which he would reappear on a stage after more than two years without galas (he will perform on Day 6 in Wizink Center of Madrid).

Isabel Pantoja
Isabel Pantoja on the set of ‘Survivors’ / Gtres

At the beginning of February, Pantoja resumed the recordings of ‘Idol Kids’, already in its final phase. Several colleagues say he has done a good job, in which he will also promote his last song on the market, ‘Fall in love’, composed of the missing Juan Gabriel with whom the artist worked for years. With the talent already recorded completely, it came up again the possibility of participating in another program in which your presence will fit. Discarded interview formats, ‘Going back to see’ was still a possible plate. Sobera veto had to be solved, so that the presenter himself was the one who had to take the step and get in touch with her to undo the mess. You had to soften the tension. Accepted the gesture in apology, Isabel and Carlos would see each other again. The demands were met. The singer finally signed the proposal, which includes her participation in 2 programs for the negligible amount of 70,000 euros. Tonight we will see her star in the first surprise.