The detainee for the disappearance confesses that he killed her four years ago

The man arrested in Monesterio (Badajoz) by the Civil Guard for his alleged involvement with the disappearance, in July 2016, in this same municipality of Manuela Chavero, 42, has confessed to the agents that he killed her.

Sources close to the investigation have indicated to Efe that the detainee, a 28-year-old man who lives in Badajoz, very close to Chavero’s home and known to the family, has recognized the investigators that he murdered the woman.

A few days ago, Emilia Chavero, Manuela’s sister, gave investigators an anonymous letter in which she pointed to the now arrested man as a suspect in the woman’s disappearance.

The sources consulted assure Efe that the agents gave credibility to this writing, which, together with the investigations they had been carrying out for a long time, has led to the arrest.

The man is in the offices of the Civil Guard of Zafra and it is expected that in the next few hours the agents will carry out several searches in the municipality.

Manuela Chavero disappeared from her house on July 5, 2016. She did not take keys, documentation, or mobile phone, and the television and the light in the house were on.

She has two children, who at the time of her disappearance were with her ex-partner.

The anonymous letter

The letter arrived without a sender 22 days ago at the home of Manuela Chavero’s parents in the Extremaduran town of Monesterio, there after a cousin of the missing woman opened the letter, he immediately notified Emilia Chavero, the victim’s sister that She has been fighting for four years to clarify Manuela’s disappearance. She immediately took her to the Civil Guard.

Manuela Chavero disappeared at the age of 42 in the early morning of July 4 to 5, 2016, leaving two children who at that time were with her former partner. At the time of the disappearance, she did not take her mobile phone, documentation, or keys. Hours later they found her house with the door open and without forcing, the light and the television on. No sign of the woman, which suggested that someone made her leave the house and took her by force. Nor was it a robbery, on the table in the living room rested the bag with the money, the cards and the documentation. On top of the bed the clothes that the woman had put on that day. Manuela came out in flip-flops dressed in a tracksuit at the door of her house and was no longer seen.

Now, the letter from an unknown person has confirmed the suspicions of the investigators and triggered a series of actions by the homicide experts of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard. The anonymous caller, the reason for his behavior is unknown four years later, makes it clear that that night he could see what happened or knows it first hand. The story coincides with some of the data that only the Civil Guard knew about the case, and points to a specific suspect.

Only three days after receiving the letter, on August 27, the criminalistics specialists of the Civil Guard returned to Manuela’s house and inspected it again for hours. It was assumed that the suspect took Manuela away by force in a speeding vehicle. Manuela had no intention or motive to disappear, in fact the next day she had been with her sister, and in a few days she had to go to court to distribute the assets of her marriage with her ex-husband.

Since then the Civil Guard has come back again and again on the case, detaining a 20-year-old young man who chatted with Manuela that night. After searching his family’s three cars, he was released without charge. The guards have taken statements from more than 50 people, followed ten suspects and reviewed all the security cameras in the area in addition to checking the data from the telephone masts. Emilia Chavero trusts that this time the Civil Guard will be able to find out what was the fate of her sister Manoli.