The drama of the Reyes family one year after his death

On June 1, 2019, at 35 years, the former player of the Real Madrid and the SevilleAmong other teams, he lost his life in a traffic accident that took place at 11:40 in Utrera. The vehicle he was driving went off the road at more than 180 kilometers per hour causing the death of Jose Antonio Reyes on the spot and one of his cousins ​​from 23 years. Another of his cousins, a year younger than this, was seriously injured and burned to 65 percent of his body after trying to rescue his two companions from the burning car. The death of the utrerano caused a great commotion among his relatives who, to this day, continue to mourn his loss.

And it is that, a year after his death, his parents live locked up at home, without going out and without socializing because everything reminds them of their son. “Pain? You can not imagine it. My only way out is to go to the cemetery at 9 in the morning, and here. We didn’t get out of here at all“Francisco recognized in a recent interview for Movistar +. “My wife has already lost 40 kilos and has not even stepped on the street step. You think about this every day, they remind you on one side or the other ”, added José Antonio Reyes’ father.

His widow, Noelia López, also spoke of her pain in an interview for Live life: “I am having a bad time, very bad, but I try to find a way out with my girls, to continue like any woman in my situation who has children. And nothing, remembering José in the best possible way and that’s it. Trying to move forward and nothing else. Time will make the pain transform into something else” In this program, he recognized that the most frequently asked question is: “Why did this happen?

Also in Live life, Francisco, the father of Jose Antonio Reyes, remembered his son thus: “The best in the world, not as an athlete, but as a person. That smile that he had, how loving he was, how good he was

Florentino takes care of his son

The son of José Antonio Reyes, for his part, ended up in the Real Madrid shortly after his father’s death. As Cristóbal Soria revealed in The beach bar, Florentino Pérez has promised to take care of him until he meets the 18 years. At the moment it shines with the child B, a team in which he debuted with a goal, assistance and dedication to his father.

José Antonio Reyes López, was one of the first people to dedicate a few words to his father after his death. On his Instagram account, he wrote: “This is the last moment we have spent together dad…. that day you gave me advice like you always do, but today you are gone never to return and it’s a very hard day for me. I was and always will be very proud of you dad, José Antonio Reyes. We didn’t spend as much time as we wanted together but only you and I know how much we loved each other. I know that from heaven you will take care of me and I will never forget you. I love you Papa! Thank you all for the messages of love that I am receiving. ”

The two loves of José Antonio Reyes also wanted to say goodbye to him

His mother, Ana López, ex of José Antonio Reyes, also dedicated some emotional words to him: “Today is a very sad day for everyone, especially for our son, you gave him many tips but none to overcome your loss so soon … at this station we said goodbye every time you left, but happy hoping you would come back and Today we are heading to your Seville to say goodbye unfortunately for the last time, to tell you, although you already knew it, that we will love and respect you always and that we will never forget you !! You were, you are and you will be the best father that my son can have, the important thing of a family is not to live together but to be unitedThank you for giving me the best of life, our son! I wish it was all a bad dream … THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE WE ARE RECEIVING !! D.E.P”.

More heartbreaking was the letter from Noelia López, his widow. “Love of my life, I can’t bear this pain, how lonely you leave us. You take my desire to live. Today I have to say goodbye to you but I have no strength, I’ll say goodbye to you soon because you and I will be together forever. Wait for my life, we will be a family again wherever you are. That day you came from a long journey and you came with those who gave you life, that life that yesterday left us. ”

Help me chubby because I can’t imagine life without you. Help me raise our daughters. Give me strength, the ones I don’t have. We will carry you in thought and you will live forever in our hearts. You have given us the best life and you leave us the best memories. In Noelia’s eyes you will look at me and in Triana’s smile you will smile with me. I love you and I will love you forever daddy ”, he ended.