The embarrassing reunion in 'The island of temptations'

Not all couples have finished the same and of course, not all have the same forms. Those who exposed Thursday night Fiama and Alex they have left the spectators of ‘The island of temptations’ very shocked. And although they decided to return together and united to Spain, 6 months after the end of the program, The couple is broken and faced. And the two have very strong and temperamental characters that lead them to, for example, shout at their reunion as if they were arguing at home.

The crossing of accusations, the tone and the low level of vocabulary arose once they made an appearance. Moments before the reunion, Fiama had already explained the reasons for the break-up to Monica Naranjo: «we went back to arguing and disrespecting each other. There I do not throw anything in his face because it was something mutual. He left work and didn't want to go home ». Meanwhile, from another room, Alex answered the "false" arguments of the Canary: "Of course you didn't want to go home, but tell the truth: because you were messing with your co-worker."

Although Fiama argues that it was she who broke the relationship, Alex has a very different version. According to him, the constant arguments of the couple were propitiated by Fiama's behavior: «We had a pelotera and he left with Joy, and from there I decided I didn't want to know anything and blocked it ». Once they faced each other, cordiality and good vibes shone by their absence, while shouting and bad forms sentenced the reunion. In the end, while the contestant said she was single, Alex assumed that she had already found love again.