The Entrusted Mission: Protect the One-Tails!

The Entrusted Mission: Protect the One-Tails!” (一尾を守れ!! 託された任務, Ichibi o Mamore!! Takusareta Ninmu) is episode 121 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


After Sasuke was teleported to another dimension, Boruto tries to attack Urashiki, but is stopped by Gaara, who takes him to a safe location. Gaara binds Boruto and explains to him that Urashiki is an Ōtsutsuki and he has no chance against Urashiki. Urashiki takes advantage of attacking an exhausted Gaara, but he is saved by Shinki and Shukaku. Shinki attacks Urashiki with his Iron Sand but Urashiki evades it with ease. Shukaku uses his Wind Release to try to push Urashiki away and grab him with his paws, but Urashiki evades him. Gaara uses his Desert Layered Imperial Funeral Seal to seal Urashiki temporarily with Urashiki stating that he will “just bide his time patiently”. Kankurō, Yodo, and Araya arrives after hearing news that Urashiki plans on targeting Shukaku.

Gaara gives a mission to Kankurō, Shinki, and Boruto to take Shukaku who at first refuses to be sealed in a tea kettle but later goes in willingly, to Naruto in Konohagakure to keep him safe. At first Shinki refuses because of Boruto’s immaturity and because Shukaku belongs to Sunagakure but relents when Boruto is the only one who knows Konohagakure’s terrain. Gaara states that Shinki can learn something from Boruto from what Boruto has that Shinki does not. Yodo and Araya will take Gaara back to Sunagakure to be healed. Kankurō, Shinki, and Boruto head out with Shukaku clinging onto Boruto’s back for the first portion of the trip.

Kankurō, Shinki, and Boruto arrive at an abandoned wind generation building in hopes of finding communications but instead finds a map of routes leading to Konohagakure. Shinki later scolds Boruto for allowing Shukaku to trick him into letting Shukaku wander off to think that he needed to urinate when Shukaku just wanted to relax. Shinki takes charge in keeping Shukaku safe within his Iron Sand armour. As Kankurō, Shinki, and Boruto head out, they are sensed by enemy puppets. Kankurō instructs Shinki and Boruto to go on ahead while he takes down the enemy puppets with his own puppets and the two departs.


Role Seiyū
English Japanese Rōmaji
Boruto Uzumaki Yuko Sanpei 三瓶 由布子 Sanpei Yūko
Shinki Yuto Uemura 上村 祐翔 Uemura Yūto
Gaara Akira Ishida 石田 彰 Ishida Akira
Kankurō Yasuyuki Kase 加瀬 康之 Kase Yasuyuki
Yodo Aoi Inase いなせ あおい Inase Aoi
Araya Junji Iki 井木 順二 Iki Junji
Shukaku Hiroshi Iwasaki 岩崎 ひろし Iwasaki Hiroshi
Urashiki Ōtsutsuki Kazuya Nakai 中井 和哉 Nakai Kazuya

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