The examining judge proposes to Competition to give up Fuenlabrada the match against Deportivo

He Fuenlabrada aims to remain without playing the Playoff promotion to First Division. The investigating judge of the case has proposed to the Competition Committee that the match that had to measure Deportivo de la Coruña with the Madrid team finish with a 3-0 result, favorable to Depor, giving up the contest and the consequent place for the phase of promotion to Fuenla. Now, it is Competition that must make the final decision.

The decision is in principle precautionary, and would allow the beginning of Playoff promotion, with the last place still to be decided for Elche, benefited from the defeat of the Fuenlabrada proposed by the instructor. Deportivo would continue mathematically relegated to Second Division B despite their victory, so there would be no positive consequences for either of the two protagonists of the match.

The Fuenlabrada players, as well as the club, had publicly stated their desire to hold the meeting at a later date –The entity proposed on August 2 in Riazor–, since they claim to have halted the contagions by coronavirus and are prepared to face the shock with the stipulated minimum of professional players –seven–.