The failure of Mirotic Barcelona: 41.5 million budget that still do not give titles

In European basketball there is a maxim: either you win or fail. The game matters little or nothing if the results do not accompany, but if your basketball is not the brightest, things get very ugly. Barcelona cast an order this summer. It reached the highest budget in its history – 41.5 million recognized by the club, some sources say more – and He paid Mirotic the highest salary ever received by a basketball player in the Old Continent.

With all these ingredients, Bartomeu and his people believed that this season would be sewing and singing. That Mirotic's betrayal would be a difficult slab to raise for a Madrid that envied with the twilight of his project – they have been marked over recent years in addition to the aforementioned Niko, Sergio Rodríguez, Doncic – this season.

Things, however, do not always happen as they think in the head. Madrid beat them in the Spanish Super Cup and some shielded that it was a summer pachanga. Now after the hit against Valencia in the Copa del Rey there is no excuse. Not surprisingly, Mirotic, Pesic and company congratulated the Levantines in an act of honesty, but that leaves the high spheres alone, in need of joys and results.

Al Barça, like the bad students, He only has the last two titles possible to save the season. Seen as seen, the Endesa League seems the most realistic option for the Catalans. The team has not won it since 2014, seeing from the shadows the Real Madrid hegemony with four of the last five titles.

In the club they claim that winning that tournament would be a task of dressing that would keep the squad, but that would end Pesic's career as a Barca coach. If there were double Euroleague and League, something improbable today, the Serbian veteran would save the furniture in the face of a directive tired of his archaic methods.

Nevertheless, in Europe they paint clubs for a Barca club that has not played a Final Four for more than five years and that this season is not that it is marking differences in the Euroleague. It is true that third parties go in the regular season, but also that They have the largest budget in the Old Continent and they are not making a difference.

The club signed this summer at will everything he wanted. He overcame Brandon Davies when he had it closed in Madrid. He then took the CSKA star Corey Higgins, brought an NBA pedigree base like Malcolm Delaney and another former NBA like Alex Abrines. If that was not enough they signed to Mirotic the highest contract in the history of European basketball. The figures have not transcended exactly, but If in the NBA he could reach 10 million, make his calculations.

Bartomeu had the illusion that basketball covered the failures of football this season devastating everything. Many Catalans have been excited about Mirotic to the point that it has been the Copa del Rey with more presence of Catalan fans in decades. The result, however, has been a tremendous jug of cold water for a project that has been touched. Nobody expected to fall into quarters and less at the hands of Valencia. Barça continues, hours after the events, in a state of shock.