the fans burst after the defeat in the Champions League against Atalanta

The fans of Valencia He ended up very unhappy with the performance of his team in San Siro. The 4-1 defeat leaves the tie almost impossible, waiting for a great comeback in Mestalla. More than 2,300 Valencianists They moved to Milan, where the clash was held for the works of the Atalanta Stadium.

From the warm up and throughout the game the fans they only got noticed to encourage their team, despite latent disappointment and frustration over errors in defense and attack. When the referee decreed the end of the match It was time to bill the players for their bad performance. These approached the bottom where the visitors were located, but the fans exploded and dedicated them multiple gestures of disapproval.

First, denial gestures with the finger to indicate that this way a match of this magnitude cannot be played, more some than another comb. Later the song rumbled «You don't deserve this shirt!». Yesterday's joins other poor meetings away from home such as Getafe (3-0) or Mallorca (4-1), so it is not just a consequence of staying safe outside the quarterfinals of Champions before a team a priori inferior.

The lack of order but above all of defensive intensity and the rude failures On very clear occasions, they were the most criticized by the fans. Maxi Gomez despaired from face to door, especially in the shot with a 3-0. In addition, in the repetitions shown by the video markers there were regrets for the performance of Jaume Domenech in the second and fourth both, although in the latter also it was considered to be clear offside.

Not only the players were the target of the wrath of displaced fans; They also remembered the club president: "Anil (Murthy), scoundrel, out of Mestalla!". The Singaporean man of confidence Peter Lim, already accumulates many controversies especially this season.